markent ing reasching of noodlematic for home user

2014-12-22 03:00:32

The defects of the household noodle machine available in the market Currently in the market there are several brands of pasta/noodle machine, including Philips, Joyoung . The noodle maker’s principle is adding water and stirring a bucket of flour,Use the screw to extrude noodles The noodle machine did not stir the flour when doing flour into a group, mixer the flour , so do not have full toughness, Westfield noodle machine solve all the problems: mixer the flour and come out the flour have divided into two areas, Just like hand-made noodle, first to mixer the flour, after extrusion into the surface come out of the flour, and it is not the same noodle as in the market which is not the same as come out in the front positive, we will come out the flour in the vertical, so it is more chewy and smooth.

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